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Lubo Fasteners are highly efficient. We have developed this innovative operational solution as experienced professionals. Our ready-to-use (stainless steel) bolts feature non-transferable dry lubrication, eliminating the need for cleaning. Moreover, our Lubo Fasteners prevent jamming and cold welding, which means significant time-saving. You can start fastening right away!

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Sustainability is the future for all industries that use fasteners. From the food industry to wind & offshore, water & infrastructure, and petrochemicals. Our Lubo Fasteners are PFAS-free and FDA & EC 1935/2004 compliant. The dry lubrication works anywhere, even underwater and after contact with sand.

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Our Lubo Fasteners have earned a global reputation for their exceptional performance. The benefits are experienced in practice: quick fastening, no more cold welding, and no dirty hands. As a result, we supply distributors both domestically and internationally. If you’re a wholesaler looking to expand your current range of fastening materials with Lubo Fasteners, no problem. Our lubricated (stainless steel) bolts are available directly from stock. As an end-user, you can also ensure that your inventory is stocked with Lubo Fasteners.


Customer testimonials

To this day, we have not encountered any quality issues with our bolts and nuts, and the need for spare part replacements has been significantly reduced. Moreover, by choosing Lubo International, we have proactively positioned ourselves to comply with the increased regulations regarding PFAS. The Lubo lubrication aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals, further emphasizing our commitment to a greener future.
Georg Fischer
I don't need a calculator to see that this brings advantages.
GP Stainless
Eliminating seizing, keeping hands and machines clean, and being environmentally friendly, it provides a positive experience for the mechanics.
Van Watertech