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Forget about chemical lubricants. Lubo’s dry lubrication is 100% clean and highly versatile. Here’s how it works: Lubo provides (stainless steel) threads of any size, coated with an environmentally friendly lubricant. Using a vision camera-guided process, a smooth and dry lubricating layer is applied to the threads. Friction causes the Lubo Lubrication to melt, acting as a wax-like substance that allows the thread to be smoothly tightened or loosened in one fluid motion. The pre-lubricated (stainless steel) bolt is not greasy and can be used directly from the packaging. This greatly accelerates the assembly process! Our Lubo Fasteners eliminate the need for liquid assembly paste. The dry lubrication withstands temperatures from -120 °C to +1400 °C and even exposure to saltwater or sand poses no problem. The result? You can start fastening immediately!

Dry lubrication

A sustainable performance

The composition of Lubo’s dry lubrication is made up of natural ingredients. This ensures that the use of Lubo Fasteners is both safe for humans and environmentally friendly. Our sustainable lubrication is PFAS-free and complies with strict food safety standards, including FDA and EC 1935/2004, making it an excellent choice for the food industry.

Experience exceptional performance in the wind and offshore sectors with Lubo Fasteners. The consistent coefficient of friction guarantees reliable tensile strength in MPTP connections, enabling faster, easier, and more cost-effective installation of wind turbines. Our lubrication maintains its unique composition, even after 1500 hours of salt spray tests, resulting in significant time and cost savings for repairs and maintenance.

By choosing Lubo Fasteners, you eliminate the need for on-site lubrication, keeping machines, hands, and tools clean while offering a 100% sustainable solution. With outstanding durability, our fasteners can withstand temperatures ranging from -120°C to +1400°C, and they are resistant to saltwater and sand, meeting the demands of the petrochemical, water, and infrastructure industries.

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Clean in use
Prevents cold welding
Detachable at all times



Stop lubricating, start fastening. Thanks to the advanced dry lubrication applied to our Lubo Fasteners, you will never have to grease bolts again. Imagine the amount of time this saves!

Environmentally safe

In our perspective, sustainability is the future. Lubo Fasteners feature a lubrication composed of natural materials, ensuring full compliance with FDA & EC 1935/2004 standards. This enables eco-friendly assembly methods!


No more dirty hands. Thanks to the dry lubrication we have developed for our Lubo Fasteners, you will never have to deal with greasy assembly pastes again. This not only keeps your hands clean, but also ensures that machines will never get dirty again!


Extremes pose no threat. Whether it’s heat, freezing cold, saltwater, or sand, Lubo Fasteners excel in any condition. They withstand temperatures from -120 °C to +1400 °C. And their constant friction coefficient is highly dependable!

About us & our innovation

Things run smoothly with us

Lubo Fasteners are highly efficient. We have developed this innovative fastening solution as experienced professionals. Our ready-to-use (stainless steel) bolts feature non-transferable dry lubrication, eliminating the need for cleaning. Moreover, our Lubo Fasteners prevent jamming and cold welding, which means significant time-saving. You can start fastening right away!

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Sustainability is the future for all industries that use fasteners. From the food industry to wind & offshore, water & infrastructure, and petrochemicals. Our Lubo Fasteners are PFAS-free and FDA & EC 1935/2004 compliant. The dry lubrication works anywhere, even underwater and after contact with sand.

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