Wide range of uses

Lubo Fasteners are an innovative operational solution. They ensure optimal safety and reliability in the most demanding applications. No need for messy assembly paste, our Lubo bolts save costs and enable faster work. Experience the innovative, efficient, and sustainable power of dry lubrication. Stay ahead in environmental friendliness with our FDA and EC 1935/2004 compliant solutions.


All Lubo Fasteners are manufactured in our production facility in Zeeland. Using our self-developed lubrication production line, we apply dry lubrication to the external thread of various types of bolts. We have a wide range of fasteners available from stock. Upon request, we can supply different types of (stainless steel) bolts. The possibilities are endless. RVS-A2 and RVS-A4 are the most commonly used stainless steel fasteners that we can deliver directly.

Lubo Fasteners are the ideal solution for various industries. If you’re interested in our product, feel free to contact one of our experts or visit the nearest Lubo Fasteners distributor in your area.

Threaded rods

Our Lubo Fasteners

Stop lubricating, start fastening

Forget about chemical lubricants. Lubo’s dry lubrication is 100% clean and highly versatile. Here’s how it works: Lubo provides (stainless steel) threads of any size, coated with an environmentally friendly lubricant. Using a vision camera-guided process, a smooth and dry lubricating layer is applied to the threads. Friction causes the Lubo Lubrication to melt, acting as a wax-like substance that allows the thread to be smoothly tightened or loosened in one fluid motion. The pre-lubricated (stainless steel) bolt is not greasy and can be used directly from the packaging. This greatly accelerates the assembly process! Our Lubo Fasteners eliminate the need for liquid assembly paste. The dry lubrication withstands temperatures from -120 °C to +1400 °C and even exposure to saltwater or sand poses no problem. The result? You can start fastening immediately!


Clean in use
Prevents cold welding
Detachable at all times
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Our Lubo Fasteners have earned a global reputation for their exceptional performance. The benefits are experienced in practice: quick fastening, no more jamming or cold welding, and no dirty hands. As a result, we supply distributors both domestically and internationally. If you’re a wholesaler looking to expand your current range of fastening materials with Lubo Fasteners, no problem. Our lubricated (stainless steel) bolts are available directly from stock. As an end-user, you can also ensure that your inventory is stocked with Lubo Fasteners.