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In this privacy statement, you can read about how we handle your data. If you have any questions about the information in this statement, please contact us.


This privacy statement applies to all website visits, transactions, and agreements with Lubo International B.V.

Company details:

Name: Lubo International B.V.

Address: Het Rip 9, 4493 RL Kamperland

Phone number: 0113-302102

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number: 63772841


The website of Lubo International B.V. ( processes privacy-sensitive data, also known as personal data. Lubo International B.V. is responsible for the processing of this data and considers the careful handling of personal data very important.

In our processing, we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect and for what purpose.


What are personal data? Personal data are data that directly relate to a person or information that can be traced back to a person. Examples of personal data are name, address, place of residence, phone number, postcode, house number, race, religion, health, etc.

Not all of these data are relevant to your website visit or collaboration with Lubo International B.V. We kindly ask you to only provide personal data that you deem necessary for our collaboration.


Lubo International B.V. collects personal data through in the following ways:

Through forms on our website

Through Google Analytics


The Lubo International B.V. website contains various contact forms. These forms ask for different personal data.

In the contact form, we ask for:

Your email address,

Your name,

Your address,

Your phone number,

A message.

The contact form allows you to ask questions, leave comments, make appointments, receive advice, request advisory meetings, or schedule visits. The data we collect with the contact form is used to answer your question, either by email or by phone.

The data you enter is stored by us for a limited time. If you have follow-up questions, we can easily access this data if it is still in our system. We can also use the questions and answers to train our employees to better handle inquiries. We retain the submitted data for a maximum of six months after you have entered it.


The Lubo International B.V. website uses Google Analytics. We use this tool to collect anonymous analytical data from our website visitors. We use these website statistics to learn from our visitors and adjust our products and services accordingly. The data we collect is anonymous, and we cannot identify the individuals behind the data based on the information.

The collected information is stored in Google data centers. Locations of the data centers: We have made agreements with Google regarding the processing of this data through a data processing agreement. Google is not permitted to use this data for other purposes. More information about Google’s privacy policy can be found here:


We only disclose your data to third parties (companies or institutions) if required by law, for example, when the police demand it in the case of suspected criminal activity.

Lubo International B.V. collaborates with subprocessors, such as our website administrator. The partners we work with may have access to your data or the personal data of your customers. Collaborating with these subprocessors is essential for Lubo International B.V.’s service provision. To ensure that these subprocessors handle this data correctly, Lubo International B.V. has concluded data processing agreements with our suppliers.

Your data will not be disclosed to parties outside the European Union.


If you want to know what personal data we have collected from you, please contact us. The contact details are provided in point 2 of this privacy statement. Concerning your data, you may always ask us to:

Provide access to the exact personal data we have about you.

Explain the personal data we have about you and how we use it.

Correct your data if it is incorrect.

Delete your data if it is incorrect or outdated, for example.

In addition, you can always withdraw your consent to store and process your data or object to how we use your data.


Lubo International B.V. does not retain your personal data longer than necessary for our service provision. Once this data is no longer necessary, we delete it.


Lubo International B.V. takes measures to protect personal data.

Access to personal data is always protected by a username and password.

Personal data is stored on a secure system accessible only to Lubo International B.V. employees.

The staff of Lubo International B.V. handles personal data confidentially.

Lubo International B.V. uses an SSL certificate (secure socket layer).

Lubo International B.V. records all requests for personal data.


If you have a complaint about how Lubo International B.V. handles your privacy, please contact us first. We will listen to and address your complaint. If you believe that we cannot resolve this together, you can always send a tip to the Dutch Data Protection Authority ( or take the matter to court.

Questions about this privacy policy? Contact us.