About Lubo

A pioneering product

Our Lubo Fasteners stand out as a pioneering product. We offer dry lubrication for the thread of nearly any type of (stainless steel) bolt, making it highly effective and versatile. This has not gone unnoticed. It’s no wonder Lubo is internationally acclaimed.

But behind every groundbreaking product lies an idea. We are excited to share more about our innovative company and its achievements.

About us & our innovation

In 2013, Lubo’s prototype lubricant was first showcased to end users. It debuted at trade shows, where Lubo inventor Peter de Bruine demonstrated the effectiveness of his dry lubrication to fellow mechanics with his tool cart and vise. This generated enthusiasm and initial orders.

The pioneering idea quickly grew into a successful product: the Lubo Fastener. To reach the entire industry, a comprehensive strategic plan was developed in 2015 and 2016. Lubo secured approval from various prominent (international) entities. Furthermore, owner Peter de Bruine forged a proactive partnership to introduce the brand to the market. From 2017 onwards, Lubo Fasteners were sold by Dutch dealers. It was in 2018 when a leading industrial end customer fully embraced Lubo Fasteners, marking the moment when Lubo could confidently stand on its own.

In 2019, we moved to a new facility with ample space for advanced production, storage, logistics, and diverse office areas. This relocation marked Lubo’s transition from being a start-up to a reliable manufacturer. Today, we are an innovative company with a passionate team. With a stock of around 8000 different types of Lubo bolts, we ensure a wide selection for our customers. Every day, we aim to improve the undeniable innovation that Lubo Fasteners bring. Our goal is to create a sustainable, efficient, and future-proof industrial world through Lubo.

About Peter

The inventor of Lubo

Improving assembly with a focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability. That’s the motto of Lubo’s founder, Peter de Bruine. With years of experience as a mechanic and the owner of a welding and construction company, Peter personally faced the daily frustration of seized bolts, inspiring him to develop an innovative solution in 2013.

“We’ve been continuously advancing on the technical front ever since. Through a series of steps, we’ve gradually replaced our modified deep fryer with a professional production line. I personally designed the process and the core of the machine, utilizing existing component technologies whenever possible. Our lubrication, which originally started as a liquid, has now transitioned to a powdered form, and the entire process is monitored by cameras.”

“Due to the growing interest from the offshore, drinking water, food industry, infrastructure, wind & offshore, and petrochemical sectors, we know that Lubo Fasteners have a wide range of applications. There is still plenty of pioneering work ahead of us!”

Our mission: “Transforming every lubricated bolt into a Lubo bolt.”

Our Lubo Fasteners

Stop lubricating, start fastening!

Forget about chemical lubricants. Lubo’s dry lubrication is 100% clean and highly versatile. Here’s how it works: Lubo provides (stainless steel) threads of any size, coated with an environmentally friendly lubricant. Using a vision camera-guided process, a smooth and dry lubricating layer is applied to the threads.Friction causes the Lubo Lubrication to melt, acting as a wax-like substance that allows the thread to be smoothly tightened or loosened in one fluid motion. The pre-lubricated (stainless steel) bolt is not greasy and can be used directly from the packaging. This greatly accelerates the assembly process! Our Lubo Fasteners eliminate the need for liquid assembly paste. The dry lubrication withstands temperatures from -120 °C to +1400 °C and even exposure to saltwater or sand poses no problem. The result? You can start fastening immediately!

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At Lubo, we’re constantly evolving. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new team members! Do you want to contribute to an innovative product? Are you a go-getter who enjoys challenges? Browse our current job openings or send us an open application to introduce yourself.