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Frequently Asked Questions

Application of Lubo Fasteners

Can Lubo Fasteners be used in combination with a locking adhesive?

In the majority of applications, Lubo Fasteners can be combined with a locking adhesive, provided that at least 50% of the intended tensile strength of the locking adhesive is maintained. This ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Can Lubo Lubrication be applied to nuts as well?

Lubo lubrication can be applied to the sliding surface of the nut, ensuring a stable coefficient of friction during assembly. This is particularly crucial in offshore and petrochemical industries where maintaining consistent friction is essential.

Are Lubo Fasteners applicable in the food industry?

Lubo Fasteners comply with FDA and EC 1935/2004 regulations, making them highly suitable for the food industry.

Inventory of Lubo Fasteners

What can I do with my current stock of bolts now that I have switched to Lubo Fasteners?

Do you still have a significant stock of bolts? No need to worry! Your own wholesaler can help complete your basic package with Lubo Fasteners, and we can also provide a one-time application of Lubo Lubrication to your existing stock. This way, you can fully optimize your inventory and enjoy the benefits of Lubo Fasteners across your entire supply.

Specifications of Lubo Fasteners

Are Lubo Fasteners PFAS-free?

Certainly! Lubo Fasteners are indeed PFAS-free. Our dry lubrication is composed of natural ingredients and minerals, and we ensure that no chemicals or volatile substances are used during the production process. Our commitment to environmental safety is reflected in our compliance with the stringent food safety standards set by the FDA and EC 1935/2004. By choosing Lubo Fasteners, you can be confident that you are using a human-friendly and environmentally responsible solution.


Lubo tech-sheet

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MSDS statement

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FDA statement

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EU statement

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ROHS declaration

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Hydrocheck certificate

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